...about our chef

Your event will benefit from the expansive knowledge of its chef, Roland Gaujac. His background, training and specialties are Meditteranean cuisine and working closely with local Vermont farms. He is a graduate of the Grenoble Hotelry School in France. After a year in the Navy as chef to the Commadant, Roland worked as a chef at a bistro in downtown Lyon, and then as executive chef at a Club Med–style resort in Senegal, West Africa, for five years and then made that pivotal decision to move the the United States.  

After working for the Four Seasons Hotel in California he was a private chef to affluent households and in doing so expanded his knowledge of cuisine by working directly with the great chefs of San Francisco, Los Angeles, Detroit and New York. In addition, he enjoyed unlimited access to all of the latest ethnic cuisine, while developing and maintaining a distinctive cuisine with his own personal style.

He purchased the 1796 Hours, home of Roland's Place in 1995, near Middlebury. He gained appreciation for working directly with the local farms getting the freshest possible products.  He bought the Old Lantern in 2006 and it was only after a short while that he realized the potential of this beautiful barn and how much he enjoyed the many fun events...especially the weddings!

Visiting the Wellfleet Oyster farm checking out this years harvest.