The Bar

Our bar area is 45 x 45 feet ... plenty of room for a large group to enjoy cocktails & hors d'oeuvres

before entering the dining area.

This area also opens out onto the lawn

through french doors...



We have a wide range of bar packages available.

Call for a full list of wines starting at $27,

bottled beers and kegs starting at $350.

Vermont has an endless list of great Craft Beers!



Receptions & Weddings can have a cash bar.

There is NO additional fee

to have a bar available to your guests.


Some of the well products we carry:  Smirnoff Vodka, Beefeater Gin, Jack Daniels, Baccardi Rum, Captain Morgan, Jim Beam Bourbon, Johnny Walker Red Label, Canadian Club, Kaluah...and more.


"Top Shelf": Makers Mark, Grey Goose, Patron Tequila, Crown Royal


House Bottled Beers: Long Trail, Corona, Budweiser, 

Bud Light, LaBatts Blue, Coors Light, O'Doules.


Our Full Open Bar Package Includes:

Full complete Open Bar for the "Cocktail Hour"

Wine Service with dinner

$18 for adults 21+


We can customize your bar order...

You can also pay for the bar  by consumption for all or part of your wedding or reception...lots of options!

 What about providing keg beer & wine for your guests on trays as they arrive....There are many different ways to enhance your experience. Contact us for an estimate.

We have Foosball & Pool...Bring in lawn games for guests to stay busy while you are off doing pictures!

Off Site Bar Services

The bartenders are included in your facility

if your event is at the Old Lantern.

We also offer bar services OFF site for weddings & receptions.

For Offsite Catering:

$200 for insurance, license   $150 per bartender



Passing Wine & Beer following the ceremony 
is a nice offering for 
your guests